Group Training

Group Classes

Valhalla Group training is where our members gain strength, build muscle and burn fat. We take a seasonal approach to our training programs so over the Winter period there is more of a Strength focus to the training classes and during the warmer months we put more of a focus on cardio output and volume training.





This is a resistance / weights based class with the added component of conditioning. Compound movements, free weights, supersets and weightlifting techniques are all utilised in this class as well as a small component of cardiovascular or plyometric movements for conditioning.



Performance is a high intensity class that focuses on developing fitness and dynamic power. Variations of HIIT, tabata structured classes, endurance work, plyometrics & cardio. Work hard, sweat harder.


Volume training has a focus on high reps or sets. This is weight based training with a primary focus on endurability rather than strength gains, this form of training tests our muscular endurance and challenges the ability to withstand longer working periods.


This class is for the combat lovers who want to sharpen their boxing skills while getting a great cardio workout in. This class utilizes heavy bags, pad work, running, skipping and loads of core strengthening exercises.


Time to get moving! Yes this is one of our classes. In this class we will be utilising Brimbank Park (across the road) to work on our endurance and fitness to complete a 30 minute run (walking is accepted as we welcome all fitness levels) A 5km run will be mapped out.



Metcon, short for metabolic conditioning, is an AMRAP style class that is broken up into different zones which focus on different areas of the body. Expect a full body workout with the added benefit of cardio stimulation.



This class is designed to push you to your limits and build mental toughness. Warrior combines strength training with dynamic and cardio output components to increase fitness with every session. Expect a tough workout that is focused on time under tension.



Bootcamp! Valhalla Athletic went to Tough Mudder this year, we had an awesome experience prepping for Tough Mudder and we will be continuing having a Miltiary / Bootcamp style workout on the weekends. Expect fun, expect a challenge, expect team work!