Spring Shred Camp



The Spring Shred Camp is a 6 week training block designed with a focus to lean out. If you’ve followed on with Valhalla Athletic over our first year you would know we have had several other camps. Each training camp has had its own specific focus. In order to remain in line with our values of finding balance and sustainability we are opening the eyes of our members to understand it is not reasonable to maintain and sustain a lean appearance all year round. By creating different focuses over these training camps we are able to realign the goals to find balance in body & mind.

Although our training Camps hold a timeframe for this reason they may assimilate to a challenge but we want to be very clear that this is not a weight based challenge, weight based challenges do not support what Valhalla Athletic stands for. There is no perfect number we are aiming to hit, no amount of kg’s we are aiming to loose. Although scales can be utilised as a helpful tool within the process this is not our driving force.

We spent the last camp in a phase of building strength and muscle, we now want to work towards peeling away some of the excess fat to really show off the muscle developments that were made. The close of the camp will bring us into the start of Summer where we will be having a strong focus to maintain body composition over these warm months. 

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